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Energy Crusher (Manufactured by: Green Revolution)
Designed for residential and small businesses, our plug-in energy management solutions allows users to utilize energy more efficiently, reducing your consumption month-over-month. The Energy Crusher uses capacitance to increase the efficiency of appliances you use everyday including Refrigerator & Freezer, Air Conditioning, Washer & Dryer, Dishwasher, Water Pumps Electric Fans, Garage Doors, and Swimming Pools. This is done by using already stored energy to support the inductive loads and reducing start-up heat and this is extending the life of motors and pumps. All you need is one Energy Crusher (for every $400 in electricity costs). Great for Home, Garage, Workshop or Small Business)
- lower electricity bill
- reduce carbon emissions (utility companies are possibly going to add a charge for "carbon footprint" to      our bills in the near future)
- reduce electromagnetic interferences (harmonics)
- reduction of Line Losses/Reactive Power (excess heat in your wiring)
- peak demand charges may be reduced
- uses (wasted energy) already paid for energy to support your inductive loads (electric motors and                pumps that cycle on/off automatically)
- reduces Power Factor Charge
Save up to 25% on your electric bill annually.
We Guarantee no less than 8% savings/yr. or your money back!!!! 
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Energy Management Solutions Products
We take pride in our quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted manufacturers. All applications are calculate by engineers to ensure the lowest cost and and the highest savings for the customer. Return on investment in 24 months or less (depending on the application. Satisfaction is our #1 goal.
Power Application Correction System:
PACS increases Power Factor efficiency and reduces motor-lag helping motors start easier, resulting in less energy consumption each time they cycle. This decreases the initial “surge” impact on motors increasing their lifespan, as well as allowing them to use less energy when they start. All of this helps you to save at least a guaranteed 8% annually on your electric bills. Quick return on investment.
PACS are directly wired to your panel by a Licensed Electrician.
PACS are designed specifically for each service load ranging from 200 to 2500 amps
Price - varies based on the load
8% savings yearly on your electric bill. Guaranteed!!!!
Financing is available with TD Bank and Navitas Lease Corp from 12 mos to 60 mos.
Misting iGem (Manufactured by: Goes LLC)
The Misting iGEM lowers energy consumption while extending the life span of your air conditioning system. Our patented design is fully automated and can be used with any residential HVAC. The Misting iGEM utilizes smart technology to read the outside temperature and activate the mist which allows your air conditioner to keep up with your cooling needs. The Misting iGEM creates a cool air shield around your condenser that dissipates heat and humidity.
PACS (commercial version of the Energy Crusher for bills above $3000.00)
We provide a variety of products including:
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***According to the The U.S. Department of Energy - We waste about 25% of the energy that goes through our homes and somewhere between 20 to 50% of industrial energy input is lost.
Still skeptical? You believe the energy rating on a new appliance don't you? ****Same technology used to make appliances more efficient. Now larger and improved to make your home or business more energy efficient****
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We seem to run into a lot of skepticism with energy saving products.
That is why we are happy to announce:
Praxair/GTS-Welco is now using PACS at 37 locations in the U.S. since their first purchase in 2010. 
Honeywell - a global leader in energy product installations has partnered with Green Revolution and has already installed our PACS in over a dozen Schools, Universities 
**IRS code 179 may entitle you to a deduction on these products and/or the finance costs**
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